Mainesong Term 3 – 2021

This newsletter was distributed with the choir invoices for the 10 Sessions of Block 3 for 2021

Welcome to Block Three of Mainesong for 2021 –
Yes, it’s the Mainesong Ship, Lollipop!

(Please read this ‘Welcome to Mainesong, Block Three 2021’ in conjunction with the Mainesong Newsletter No.1 which was emailed to you on 2nd July)

Block Two saw a slightly-reduced number of singers at each Session compared to Block One. The Block was affected by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions which resulted in only four singing sessions, which nevertheless were greatly enjoyed by those attending. We were happy to see each other’s smiling faces (or to imagine what our smiling faces would look like from behind the face masks) and to hear the blending of our harmonious, singing voices. Our musical director, Wendy Rowlands, was reliably resilient throughout the restrictions, and continued to show the leadership and guidance that we have learned to expect from her.

Mainesong welcomes New Members – We have a relaxed approach in taking on new members and if you would like to sing in a group and are willing to sing out and sing better, then come along and give it a try – your first night is on us.

The schedule for Mainesong Block Three 2021

  • Wednesdays 7.00pm to 8.30pm, including a ten-minute, tea break;
  • Ten Weeks – 14th July to 15th September, inclusive;
  • Cost: $150 (10 sessions at $15 per session).
  • Venue: Campbell’s Creek Bowling Club, 100 Main Road, Campbell’s Creek VIC 3451.

Campbell’s Creek Bowling Club has a good acoustic and is a clean and comfortable venue, conducive to a safe singing environment, with disabled access and toilets, lots of windows, hot water on the boil, and great support from the CCBC committee.

Mainesong Concert 2021

We plan to stage a concert on 8th September. The concert will be rounded out with a sumptuous supper, so  please prepare your taste buds for a treat! 
The week after the concert (15th  September) will be a night of regular singing, to conclude Block Three. See the song list at the foot of this email.

The new way of paying our choir fees

”A Block in Advance” rather than “Pay on the Night”. We feel that Mainesong needs our commitment as choir members, meaning our time and our fees, and having “Payment by Block” gives us secure means to pay our rent and hire our musical director in a professional way.

  • As Choir Block Three for 2021 is starting this Wednesday 14th July your choir fees are now due. 
  • Your invoice is attached this email. 
  • This Block at 10 Sessions is a large one and you may pay the full amount now (if that suits you) or you can split the payment into two equal instalments. The first instalment due now and the second instalment due prior to 18th August (week six of Block Three).

Important notes about this invoice

We understand our members have individual, financial circumstances. Some of you will have Optional Credits from Block One and/or Block Two because of absences (with apologies) and cancellations because of Covid, and you will see these Credits are included in your invoice. 
You may adjust the total of your invoice to take your Credits, or you may wish to pay a full fee and donate your Credits to Choir’s general revenue. Making the donation in these somewhat uncertain times will ensure the Choir is able to meet its commitments as they arise, principally these are our Musical Director’s fee, hall hire, the staging of concerts. And we thank you for your kindness and generosity.
For those members who are unable to commit to a full ten-week block, we have introduced a Casual Rate of $20 per session (could you please bring the correct money on the night).

If you have any questions about payment (or anything else) please email the Mainesong Steering Group at:
We look forward to seeing you and hearing your voice on Wednesday, 14th July.

Yours in song
Mainesong Steering Group
Simon, Virginia, Alicia, Barry & Sue

List of Songs for Mainesong Concert – Block Three 2021
Currently scheduled for 8th September

All these songs will soon be available in the Scores Gallery on the Mainesong website –
In alphabetical order:

  • Caledonia
  • Durme Durme
  • In the Arms of an Angel
  • Misty
  • The Longest Time
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Sumer Is Icumen In
  • Vande Mataram
  • Walk With Me

Other songs under consideration:

  • Because
  • Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
  • Lonesome Road