Choir Info

Mainesong Choir

Mainesong is a Community Choir based in Castlemaine.

We’re a Mixed Choir with broad tastes and a wide repertoire – classical, jazz, latin, pop, beyond baroque, and in different languages, Portuguese, Greek, Sephardic, English, Spanish, Zulu, Welsh, mostly in 4-part harmonies.

The Choir is made up of its members, rehearsing regularly and performing when we can, with the guidance of our Artistic Director, Wendy Rowlands.

Mainesong is managed by its Steering Group, currently four members. Any Choir member is welcome to join this Group. If you have questions about the choir ask any of the Steering Group, we’re happy to chat.

Steering Group

  • Sue Bruce
  • Virginia Harkin
  • Barry Thomson
  • Simon Veitch


Choir Website –

Resources for the Choir – scores, YouTube clips, practice tracks, etc.

Choir Dates & Times are on the frontpage

Scores Gallery

The Scores Gallery holds the scores and lyrics of songs we’re working on. You can download and print any of the scores in the Gallery.

The Gallery is password protected. Let us know if you do not have access to a printer.

New Members

We really like welcoming new members and new voices to the group. And your first evening with Mainesong is free.

Some of our members had no previous singing experience when they joined, some had been singing since they were kids. Irrespective of previous experience, we encourage all new members to attend at least three rehearsal sessions: give yourself time to try the songs, sing along with us, ask questions, and decide then if we’re what you want. There’s so much happening during a rehearsal, and for anyone new to the group it’s a more relaxed approach taking three or four weeks to get your bearings.

There’s no need to find and print any scores before starting with us – we’ll sort that out for you.

Mainesong Yearly Calendar


  • Once a week on Wednesdays 6.50 to 8.30pm during school Terms.
  • Campbells Creek Bowling Club

Virginia holds the key and opens and shuts the venue.

All hands to assist setting up chairs prior to rehearsal, and putting chairs and tables away when we’re done, but if you have to get away then do so!   

The Choir follows the Academic year (Victorian Schools Calendar), mostly. You can count on there being four Terms in our year, following the Victorian Schools Calendar.

We sometimes adjust our dates to accommodate good planning and performances, but this is discussed well in advance.

Time & Place

  • Wednesdays evenings during School Terms
  • Arrive 6.50
  • Finish at 8.30pm
  • Campbells Creek Bowling Club


Singing is a wonderful thing, and music is a performance art. Our Choir rehearsals are hugely enjoyable in their own right, and performance, singing in concert, is just magic.

We generally plan concerts for Mid Year at the end of Term 2, and at end of Term 4 late November early December. We may have Pop-up Performances at Festival time, or other, depending on times and circumstance. 

Fees & Payments

Choir fees are $15 per rehearsal, invoiced at the beginning of the Term.

Payments can be made by bank transfer direct to the Choir’s bank account.


The Rehearsal Attendance Sheet is kept on the ‘sign in’ table.

Current members are listed, with their current account balances and attendance record for the Term.

Individual members should tick their name on the Attendance Sheet at each rehearsal

Keeping a Roll is a requirement of our CCBC insurance cover
  • If you know you’ll miss a Rehearsal it’s useful to write an ‘A’ (absence/apology) at the relevant dates.
  • We use an open accounting system, Choir members can see and check their account balance at any Rehearsal.

Information Folder

We keep a folder of current information on the ‘sign in’ table – you’ll see it there on rehearsal evenings.

The Folder is for your use and your feedback is welcome. This is a good place to leave a note if you have music ideas or suggestions. Copies of this information sheet are kept in the folder should you need copy for a friend.

Tea Breaks

  • Singing is thirsty work and it’s good to BYO water bottle.
  • We have a 10 -15 min tea break during rehearsals.
  • We use our own tea box and tea towels and always leave The Kitchen as we found it.