Scott’s Xlnt New Gig

The Mathy Matt Show

Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders, composer, singer, teacher, entertainer, musician, mathematician and much loved stand-in choir meister, is working on a maths/musical/education show for Primary School students. This one-man extravaganza, The Mathy Matt Show is a stage show that travels from school to school, takes place in the classroom, and is designed to get essential maths education and mathematical inspiration into the heads of primary school kids at Just The Right Time.

Over the next year Scotty will be developing his material as he takes his show on the road,  presenting it to as many young students in as many places as he possibly can.

It takes time, care and huge effort to make something like this happen, so if you would like to help Scott get this astoundingly worthy venture up and running you can send him a micro seed-funding donation through his GoFundMe page.

Good luck Scott, and thanks for taking care of the choir over the break.