Performance dates & more

Hello Mainsongsters,

CHOIR is on through the holidays! So, hope to see you tonight. Haven’t the Easter blue skies been wonderful. I just wanted to clarify and forward some dates that we have been asked to sing.

Wed. April 11th: We are recording some of our pieces at the Uniting church

These are the two main pieces to send to Porto:
Gotinha d’Agua
Lonesome road
Lay me down
Skye boat song
Blue Moon

Sun. 29th April: An event ‘Castlemaine Pride’ in the gardens (to be discussed – availability of members)
Wed. 10th October: Mental Health Week Choir Extravaganza at Town Hall
Sun. 29th October: CORKER and MAINESONG Annual Concert Town Hall
Peace Concert (not sure if it involves us this year).

Thanks again, for all your wonderful work and welcome to some new members
– Wendy