Peaceful Concert next Wed. 6th Dec & EOY

Hello everyone,

…and hello to the most wonderfulest choir! You are all extraordinary and I value being a part of your world.

Looking forward to the Peaceful Concert next Wed. 6th Dec.which we will be singing Blue Moon and Bogoroditse Devo.
We are meeting at 6.30 for warmup in the hall and 7.00 start for the concert. We will sing later in the evening as some members will be late getting there, and would like to sing.

Philip, our lovely tenor, has offered for us to come to his home for a meal and a sing for our breakup celebrations on Wed.13th, which will be our last gathering for this year. I will need to confer with him first about arrangements..but I think it is a lovely idea. He is in Taradale, so perhaps we can carpool. (I will ‘not’ be offering to drive!) We may make a slightly earlier time to meet if that’s ok.

I will confirm arrangements with you all on Wed.

Next year, we will resume on the 10th January, as we are considering singing at the blackboard concert at the Newstead Folk Festival on the long weekend in late January.

We will always welcome new members to a new start next year, and perhaps even hope to gather some of this core email group again, who found the year busy.You are always welcome. Summer has come…finally.

See you in a couple of days.

– Wendy