Mainesong┬áBlock 4 – 2021

We really look forward to welcoming you back to Choir, and we have some notes here on the way things will happen over the next couple of weeks …

We are back to rehearsing as a Full Choir – SAT&B

Wednesday Evenings –

  • Resuming 2hr sessions, all Sections 7.00 to 9.00pm
  • Campbells Creek Bowling Club
  • Picnic Performance –
    Sunday 12th December, West End Hall
  • Final rehearsal night for 2021 Wednesday 8th December

Fees – Pay by EFT, or it’s Cash & The Tin –

To make payments simpler in these confused times the money tin has been exhumed for fees being paid “per session on the night”. The session price $15 (or see Alicia to make arrangements).

  • If you wish to ‘Pay by Tin’ please bring cash for payment of $15 per session.
  • If you wish to pay by EFT, you will have received an invoice with bank details included in a previous email.
  • Please let one of the Steering Group know if you would like a credit from your Block Three fees.

In order for us to be COVID Safe & Sensitive –

  • Regulations now make it necessary for us to declare our vaccination status. Individually we need to have at least our first shot or have an exemption certificate.
  • Please bring your mask
  • We will not have access to the kitchen, so please bring your own snacks & water bottle