Choir & Coronavirus

Choir is in recess for the duration

– a letter from Wendy

Dear lovely Mainesong,

There will be NO rehearsal this Monday and onwards until further notice.

I am taking it upon myself to officially call Mainesong to recess for the period of time we need to get through this crisis.

We were heartened and very positive last Monday when we made an attempt to set some temporary measures in place while we proposed to meet for the next 4 weeks. Thankyou David, for your communication summary. This was optimistic and I have really appreciated your sentiment of loyalty with each other, our choir as a whole, and, of course, to me.

We are a group of wonderful people, who love getting together and singing. Every week, I am uplifted by it also. We know that it’s the ultimate nourishment for our souls and also for our health and well-being. So, it is very important, not only that we look after ourselves in our ‘distancing’, but remain as in touch as possible via other means, over this critical period of time.

I have some ideas, that I am hoping to implement concerning staying in touch, over the next few months. Fun, of course! Surely, there is no end to the creative imagination in dealing with communication. I will also have plenty of time to arrange music for our choir and you never know, perhaps I could compose a piece…the sky is the limit. I remain positive.

Please take very good care of yourselves and others around if you can and/or need to. There are also good things to come as a result of this unprecedented time. Please email me for a chat now and then. I would love that.

– Wendy