Choir as at 6 Sept ’21

Hello Songsters

Who would have thought so little activity could lead to so much happening, even as so much is being called off?

Block 3, cancelled

With our “small groups method” we managed to squeeze in four nice rehearsals during our current Block, but lockdowns have played havoc with us and the Steering Group considers that there are slim prospects of restrictions easing sufficiently to allow any more face-to-face singing in this Block. So, we’ve cancelled the remaining sessions up to and including Wednesday 15th Sept.

Block 4, not scheduled … yet

At this stage we’re leaving Block 4 (from the end of Sept up to Christmas) unscheduled and we’ll wait to see how the lockdowns look leading into¬†October, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know, etc.

The Flexible Choir

With the virus and lockdowns messing with our best laid plans we realise that we have to be flexible in our approach to our group activities, and the real aim of our efforts now are to maintain the continuity of the Choir and work to that point a few weeks or months from now when most of us are fully vaxxed and the dangers of the virus have receded. At that time we want to be able to pop out of our burrows at speed and get properly singing once more.

Zooming the Choir

As something to bridge the gap from now until we resume we’ll be running zoom sessions each Wednesday. These are not as a replacement for real choir, Alicia¬†considers them to be more like what happens during tea break – a way to discuss the repertoire and keep it in mind, some rehearsal singing with mute turned on, swapping news, talking about music generally and simply keeping in touch. There’s no obligation for anyone to attend these zoomings (which are non-billable items, ie. no choir fees attached), but the two zooms we’ve had so far have been good fun and have served to keep our voices and heads going in the right direction. There’ll be weekly emails going out with the zoom session details that will allow you to login at the Wednesday time slot, so if you’ve a mind to drop in for some chat, please do.

Simon, Virginia, Alicia, Sue & Barry