Concerts coming up

Dear Mainesong,

Looking forward to the Choir Extravaganza this Thurs. 12th Oct at the Town Hall.
We need to get there at 5.30 in order to run-through ‘One Voice’ with all the other choirs.
The concert will go from 6.30- approx.9.00pm.

We will be singing
Sto Perigiali and Sister my Sister.

You are singing all songs beautifully and I am feeling quite relaxed about the performance…so please enjoy. We will of course be seeing each other the night before for our Wed. rehearsal.

Also..our BIG CORKER/MAINESONG yearly concert reminder..

Sunday, October 29th.
3.00 rehearsal for:
4.30-6.30 Concert
At the Town Hall.

It will be wonderful as usual.
Please : Let’s try to start now right on 7.30 and I am hoping for as many of the choir to attend rehearsals for the next few weeks in particular. We have a fair bit of work to do in preparation. It helps me know what’s what!

That would be GREAT!!!!

Sto Perigiali
Sister my sister
Blue moon
Lay me down
Beethoven’s 5th
The Lion sleeps tonight(easy)
And maybe… Fly me to the moon.

I am loving’ you guys…always!