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Concert lead up

Concert and rehearsals

7.00pm start tomorrow

Dear Mainesong,

We are counting down now for the Sunday Annual Corker/Mainesong Concert.

Please, can we start our rehearsal at 7.00pm this Wednesday as suggested. That would be great.

I’m am confident and looking forward to our lovely programme of singing. We will clarify any pieces that feel a little shaky on Wed. So don’t worry. For example..Blue Moon and it’s ending. We’ll see how it goes and will drop it, if it’s too stressful. Simon is putting a practise version on the web sight as we speak. Andre has been very unwell with laryngitis….(yet another one down!!…What a year!), but she is happy to come and sing soprano in Bogoroditse if she has a voice.

I am also thinking through the possibility of an extra run-through on:
Sunday at 11.00-12.30 at Lot 19, Studio 2 on the left, which is my workspace, for those who can make it. I realise there are several of you who are out of town, and this may be a little inconvenient…so, no pressure.

Otherwise, the choir will meet at 3.30 for a warm-up in the Castlemaine Town Hall for 4.30 concert start.

Don’t forget that we are trying for some word learning over this last week..Thanks always sing beautifully.

Also, tune in on local radio on Thurs. evening…the Contessa will be doing plug for our concert…all the way from Russia!

See you tomorrow.
– Wendy