A really nice end of year concert

A really nice end of year concert we’ve had, at the West End Hall, for an audience of appreciative kids and attentive parents.

Thank you so much, to Wendy and the whole choir, those who could make it on the day and those who, with great regret, had to miss it. And thanks to our wonderful Steering Group, with whom it’s such a pleasure to work.

It has been a tough and weird year, hard to deny that, with the lockdowns and the stop/start nature of it all, but we’re here still and singing better than ever.

Rehearsals will resume towards the end of January,
pandemic regulations and commonsense permitting
Our 2022 starting date is yet to be set –
we’ll let you know as soon as we have it

Have an Xlnt break. Love to you and yours, take it easy and stay safe.

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