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I Am Australian – & practice track

The Seekers

Dear Choir

I promised these things for you to rehearse with. Better late than never!

    • The Seekers singing ‘I am Australian, that I transcribed from. The rhythm of the lyrics should be pretty similar. So…copy away. Sing along with The Seekers!
    • Please remember..I would like it off by heart, so we really can sing from the heart.
    • Lingmarra, will be sung unison once and then with all harmonies the second time.
    • Also, I want to let you know that Lingmarra has been approved by Uncle Rick and it turns out that the council and the indigenous people around are very pleased and moved by our voicing, concern and care with the preparations for this event. They have been working very hard to change things for this day, slowly and sensitively and have been successful, especially in this shire. They have agreed to relay two statements will also be read before we perform, that are important to us. Thankyou for all your wonderful integrity in this process.

SEE YOU SUNDAY at 8.40 for a warm-up. 

– Wendy

note: the lyrics and score are both now in the Scores Gallery


Mainesong & Corker Concert

Mainesong/Corker Concert
Campbell’s Creek Community Centre

September 9th 2019
6.30 – 8.30pm


Corker: Monsoon Wedding
Mainesong: Somebody’s knocking
Corker: It’s been a Hard day’s night
Mainesong: If I had words
Mainesong: Since first I saw your face
Corker: Tango Idishe
Corker: Lustig Hasidim
Mainesong: Durme, Durme
Mainesong: Mas que Nada
Corker: Carmen

Interval & Supper: 30 mins

Mainesong: Bohemian Rhapsody
Corker: Watermelon Man
Corker: In the mood
Corker: (Begin the Beguine?)
Mainesong: Bogoroditse Devo
Corker & Mainesong: Mambo Italiana

Introductions: James/Scott/Thankyous

Mainesong: Lonesome Road
Corker: Gymnopédie


and a printable programme, here …

Canto General Slow Movement

SATB & T Practice Tracks

Here are two audio tracks that may help get a handle on the Tunes of Eric (sometimes known as the Canto General)

  • the first is for SATB minus the solo, ie. the choir only
  • the second is the Tenor track, minus SAB and solo
  • on both tracks you’ll notice the lead-in clicks where the soloist fits
  • we may be able to get the other parts rendered this way if there is interest, please let me know
  • there is a discrepancy in the lengths of the two tracks (Tenor is a few seconds longer), changes have been made to the arrangement that aren’t yet reflected in the tracks, I’ll sort this before long

Full choir: SATB minus solo

Tenor: minus SAB & solo


It’s 2019!

Dear Mainesong,

The time has come and we are to begin the year. I am really looking forward to it. I hope that you all had a wonderful break and feel renewed.

PLEASE NOTE: The South School is still on holidays
We will begin rehearsal this Monday 14th Jan 7.45pm sharp to 9.30pm
I am happy to go to 9.45, if that is the consensus and not too late for everyone.

Normally we will be following Corker Orchestra’s rehearsal. They finish at 7.30, so please try to give them space to pack up and perhaps come at 7.40, (which after all is often the time we normally get going!). And, just one reminder that the concession fee from this year is now $10/$12(full). 

I have found some lovely things for us to sing including an arrangement of Blackbird(Beatles), a Jewish Sephardic lullaby, What a wonderful world, and more…oh yes, of course, the continuation of ‘Erik’!!, the slow movement.

Bohemian Rhapsody will be a Mainesong and Corker combo, so it’s a big arrangement for me, still in progress.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

In anticipation
– Wendy

Message from Wendy …

Hi Everyone,

We are on the count down for our concert now. I’m am very pleased that ‘Allan’ (Eric) is going very well. I heard that you had a great session with Fay last wed. even though she wasn’t well, and we will sing the Walking song for our concert too. My sister (Jenny) and brother (David) are coming up for our concert to fill in for Rob on piano. I’ll ask Jen to accompany us on the choir pieces, which will give me the chance to give you my undivided attention!

CANCELLED: Just letting you know that Sue has had to apologise that the Choir Extravaganza gathering for Mental Health Week has been cancelled for Oct 10th.

Corker/Mainesong Annual Concert

  • Sunday Oct 28th. . 2.00(?) for concert around 4.00 (Times not defined yet)
  • Unwind at at the Criterion hotel, as last year!


If any of you were available on Mons. 15th/22nd Oct to join with Corker rehearsal at the South School for our joint pieces for 20 mins … either at 6.30 or 7.00. Let’s discuss.


We will sing with Corker:

  • Algunas Bestias
  • Steam Heat
  • Satie Gymnopede (not started yet)
  • Isn’t she lovely
  • Moonlight Swing (to be decided)

On our own:

  • Panis angelicas
  • Walking song
  • Sweet Kate
  • Pastime with Good Company
  • Caledonia
  • Bogoroditse
  • Andorinha
  • Gotingha da Agua, ….


I am thinking that we will break around the second week of December.


  • I want to ask your thoughts about a possible change of rehearsal evening for next year.
  • I wondered if a Monday evening (after Corker rehearsal), could be considered, as I seem to be becoming more involved with teaching at Little Yarra (miles away) with Weds. occasionally tricky with their schedules. Not set in concrete! Just a thought at present.
  • and … letting you know that next year, Mainesong attendance will be $12/$10cc (instead of $8). This also covers hall hire each week, music writing and copying costs.

Thankyou for your always generous considerations with the (your) choir on so many levels. You are an amazing group and I value the loyalty that abides, despite the comings and goings, with world travel and warmer climates, etc., and those interesting lives you lead!

I get such joy from your singing and I know it’s mutual.

Yours in musical service